Guide how to use this template

This template will help you to record attendance for your employees.

This template is suitable for start-ups and small businesses with up to 10 employees.

The main features of the template are:

  • automated total hours/public holiday hours/annual leave hours calculations for each month and for each employee,
  • highlighted Irish public holidays for each month,
  • summary sheet for 10 employees,
  • automated calculation of annual leave entitlement, based on 8% entitlement of worked hours,
  • indicated total working days for each month.


1. Tab – Employee 1

This tab is for your first employee. January month is filled in with example records to help you understand how to fill this table. Don’t forget to change it to real records.

Input company/business name and address on the top. This information will be transfered to other tabs with other 9 employees. So you need to fill it only once.

Change the name of the employee “John Sample” to your real employee name.

You can start to fill in details of attendance record.

Working hours

IN – OUT column – use a keywords Annual Leave or Public Holiday for automated calculations of hours for annual leave or public holiday. If it is normal working day input worked hours for example 9.00-17.00.

Hours column – input number of hours worked for the day. If you are not paying for the break, don’t include break time into number. For example standard working hours are 7.5 per day.


Record employee breaks for each day. Each employee has legal right to take a break after working certain hours. You can record up to 3 breaks during working day. For example record break like 13.00-13.30 (half an hour break).

Totals for month

There are automated calculations for total worked hours, total public holiday hours and annual leave hours and Total of totals. Those numbers are automatically transfered into summary sheet.

2. Tab – 10. tab Employee 2 – 10

You don’t need to fill in Company/business name and address, because this information is automatically there from 1. tab.

Don’t forget to change the name of the employee Employee2 (up to 10) to your real employee name.

Fill the rest of the attendance records the same way as for the first employee in 1. tab above.

11. Tab – Summary

All fields in Summary table are automated. You don’t need to fill in anything. Summary sheet is for your review to see how much hours each employee worked in each month. On the right hand side are automated calculations for annual leave entitlement. Annual leave entitlement is based on formula of 8% entitlement for each worked hour. Therefore worked hours are separated from public holiday and annual leave already taken.

12. Tab – Printout version

This is printout version, if you need to give the form in paper format to your employee or manager. Your employee/manager can use pen and a form and filled in the attendance for each employee manually.