UK – Contractor CIS Record Book




This template is for UK CIS Contractors to keep proper records regarding payments to subcontractors. The template includes Payment and deduction statements for subcontractor.

The template consist of 6 tabs:

  1. Business information,
  2. Subcontractors table,
  3. Payments table,
  4. Automated Payment and deduction statement,
  5. Automated report – Summary statement of payments to each subcontractor (pivot table),
  6. Automated report – Monthly return (pivot table).

To achieve as much automation as possible, I used various formulas, data validation and pivot tables in the template.

Please check the Guide how to use this template.

The template was lastly updated in May 2017.

The template is only available in Excel format as follows:
MS Excel 2007 Onward – size: 75 KB.