Ireland Employee Attendance Record for 2017




Ireland monthly attendance record (and calendar) template for 10 employees for 2017, with Ireland public holidays, weekdays and week numbers. Each employee has separate sheet and there is summary sheet for all 10 employees. Handy for Irish payroll processing.
Document consist of 11 tabs, 10 tabs with each employee attandance from January 2017 to December 2017 and 11th tab is summary sheet for all 10 employees per month giving total hours for whole year. You can record working hours, breaks, you can give extra hours paid for public holidays and annual leave subtotal. There are automated formulas for totals and annual leave entitlement.
You can choose document format as follows:
MS Excel 2007 Onward – size: 280 KB;
PDF – size: 80 KB.

PDF version is mainly for printing out as a form and filling manually with pen. Then you need to do calculations manually as well.

You will find a guide how to use this template here.

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MS Excel 2007 Onward, PDF