IE – Tenancy Agreement Template Package


This template is for Landlords and Tenants in Ireland with necessary documents for renting a house/apartment.
The document contains: 2 pages of simple residential Tenancy agreement, Landlord’s/Tenant’s rights and obligations, Inventory and Condition Report, Rent book table, Minimum Standards for Rented Accommodation, Warning Notice for Rent Arrears, Notice of Termination of Tenancy by Landlord/Tenant, Notice to Landlord Concerning Breach of Obligations, Moving in checklist and End of Tenancy Checklist; total 14 pages. The template was lastly updated in September 2023.

You can choose document format as follows:
MS Word 2007 Onward – size: 73 KB;
PDF – size: 269 KB.

Helpful links:

Article about Tenancy
Article about Landlords and Tenants rights and obligations.


MS Word, PDF