UK – CIS Single Payment Deduction Statement Template


In United Kingdom, according Construction Industry Scheme, the contractor must give a statement to every subcontractor from whom a deduction has been made. You will find more information about Construction Industry Scheme here.
This payment and deduction statement template is for UK CIS Contractors who are paying subcontractor only once a month or want to give a statement to a subcontractor after each payment is made.
If you are making numerous payments during the month to a subcontractor, please have a look on the CIS Multi Payment Deduction Statement. It will be more useful for you.

The template is made according HM Revenue recommendations and was lastly updated in April 2022.

You can choose document format as follows:
MS Excel 2007 Onward – size: 24 KB;
PDF – size: 106 KB.

PDF version is mainly for people who work outside the office and doesn’t have access to computer and printer. You can print this form (as many as you need), take it with you and then just use pen and calculator to fill it in for subcontractor.


MS Excel, PDF